UPDATED ROAD NEWS! The bridge on 2nd Street is NO longer a dead end. The town of La Veta has repaired the bridge and it is now drive able.  

(OLD NEWS!) GPS ALERT: If you coming to La Veta from the West on Hwy 160, GPS has you turn on Co. Rd 450.  As you are approaching town, GPS will want you to turn on 2nd st. It is a dead end and there are signs that say that. Do not turn on 2nd street or 1st street as GPS may instruct you to.  Just stay on 450 and it will bring you into La Veta. You will stay on that road until you come to Main St. From there you will turn left and go approximately 3 blocks to 2nd street where you will turn left and come into the park. 

126 W 2nd St