Jay and Denny Patterson
Jumper and Meeko

March 29, 2014

Denny, Meeko, Jumper and I just arrived back home last night. It's nice to be home but we do have some work to do!! We will be cleaning and painting and planting grass and taking reservations and maybe get a little sleep in. My first job is the office and I have it turned upside down. When we bought the park last year, I didn't really have a chance to clean out drawers and get organized, so now is my chance. The season is looking great. Still would like a couple of big snows so we wouldn't have to worry about water, but there is still time. We hope to have our 2 new 50 amp sites finished up by May 1. We also plan on having the 2 little campers in a permanent space so Denny won't have to move them all around the park. We will have a dog walker available so if you want to spend the day out and about, we'll have someone keep an eye on your pets and take them for a walk. Just a reminder that the train will not be picking up passengers in La Veta this summer. You will have to drive to Alamosa to get on the train for concerts or for the ride. I have called the company several times and they will not call me back. We are taking reservations: 719-742-3323.  We have raised the daily and weekly prices just a little bit. We rounded them off so we wouldn't have those crazy amounts. Our prices include all taxes. That's it for now. See you all soon. I've added some more events for the summer.
May 31 - Memorial Day Services at the La Veta Cemetary
June 14 - Cuchara Country Fest  www.cucharacountrymusicfest.com is the website for tickets.
June 20-21 - The play "Patsy Cline" performed at the Fort Francisco Performing Arts
June 27,28,29,30 - The play "Patsy Cline" performed at the Fort Francisco Performing Arts
June 28 - Hispano Heritage Celebration at the Fort Francisco Museum
July 6 - La Veta celebrates the 4th with a really fun parade
July 5-6 - Art in the Park
July 12 - Native American Celebration at the Fort Francisco Museum
July 18 - Relay for Life
July 24,25,26,27 - Melodrama performed at the Fort Francisco Performing Arts
July 26 - Fort Francisco Days
September 19-21 - Quilting Retreat, "UFO's" at Circle the Wagons. Room for 10 machines in Game Room. We'll just cut, iron, sew, piece and design all weekend. Meals will be provided. Cost of retreat to come.  
September 25-28 - Celtic Festival
October 4 - Oktoberfest

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad events coming up: 
For Cuchara Activities please go to www.cucharavillage.com
There is a wealth of information on this site  www.SpanishPeaksCountry.com


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