GPS is terrible if you miss the Highway 12 turnoff. The main thing is to not turn on 1st or 2nd Street on CR 450. That's what GPS wants you to do. Just keep going on CR 450 and it will take you right into town. Please call 719-742-3233 if you are heading down the back way into town.
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All the information you need regarding events, music, etc. happening in the area this summer is just one click away on links below.
August 28, 2016
Oh my goodness. What a fun month we have had. The huge Roaming Elks group is leaving today. They brough karoke and Elk races with them. It was a beautiful weekend for them and the rest of our campers. Many of our guest attended the local play "The Old People Are Revolting". A funny play. Huge groups around the campfire. Fall is in the air and it feels cozy to be out there in the evening. We had our first Duck Race down our stream last weekend. It was so fun and actually had an exciting finish. One would think we would be winding down this time of year, but September is getting busier each day. Labor Day is full and September 11 but many spaces still available.
I have added a new link above for the Colorado Directory.  It is a wonderful site that has information on anything you might want to do in Colorado.  Jeep trails, cabins, fishing, hiking, etc.  It's amazing. Please take time to check it out. 
Let's talk oxygen!!! I have had 5 campers leave early from their vacations this summer due to oxygen issues. All of them had either had previous heart attacks or heart issues. One customer told me his doctor told him he wouldn't need oxygen in Colorado and this gentleman had heart issues. I recently had another customer who has a pacemaker and her doctor told her she wouldn't need oxygen because of the pacemaker. Apparently, that may not be true because she has been very out of breath. The other issue is if you are feeling seriously ill because of lack of oxygen, you may go to the emergency room but it is difficult for them because they are seeing you are on a short term basis. Please check with your doctor before coming to Colorado. Please be honest with them about the altitude height. 1000 feet can make a huge difference. We are at 7000 ft. Cuchara is 8500 If you don't know the altitude, don't hesitate to call the campground and they will be happy to tell you. Maybe you will only need it at night. Maybe you will only need it at certain altitudes. That is better than leaving early and have your family and your camp hostess worrying about you.

Please check the 2 links above to see what is happening in our area and hopefully you can come and hang out. 719-742-3233

Here are several websites with a list of the many events, hiking, and fishing information:
Spanish Peaks Country tourism:
La Veta Chamber of Commerce:
Rio Grande Scenic Railroad events coming up: 
For Cuchara Activities please go to
Francisco Fort Theater:

If you need extra room for family and friends, check out this website:

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The Warehouse Suite

Located in the heart of downtown La Veta, the Warehouse Suite combines historic charm with modern conveniences. Completely renovated in 2009, the Suite consists of 2000 square feet of living space, 4 spacious bedrooms with 6 beds, a large living/dining area, completely equipped gourmet kitchen with granite counter-tops and a long bar and two full bathrooms. There is also a large flat panel television, washer and dryer, free wi-fi, and an in-house phone.  Perfect for families, retreats, or just a quiet weekend for two. Close to art galleries, quaint shops, and restaurants and a perfect hub for day trips to the mountains or lakes. Daily or weekly rates available. 
For reservations call 719-742-5278.